SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE || Facade projection || Sydney

The audiovisual staging of the Sydney Opera House is a poetic homage to the architecture and its constructional concept of the architect, Jørn Utzon. As Utzon said about his architecture he wanted to give it a human expression, the projected video layer in that same sense aims to establish an immediate, architectural expression.

Premiered on 25th of May 2012 in the context of Vivid Sydney – Lighting The Sails.

Creative Direction: Thorsten Bauer

Art Director: Daniel Rossa , Max Goergen, Thorsten Bauer, Till Botterweck
3D Designer: Peter Pflug
Sound Design: iona w.
Production Manager: Manuel Engels

Filmed Footage Director: Till Botterweck, Daniel Rossa
Performer: Mimi Jeong, Heiko Büter
Replica Construction: Cantufan Klosé, Moritz Horn
Costume Design: Anne Gorke

Documentation Director: iona w.
Camera: iona w., Max Goergen, Till Botterweck, Daniel Rossa
Edit: iona w.

Festival Curator: Fergus Linehan
Technical Setup: The Electric Canvas
Commissioned by: Vivid Sydney