In the very centre of Quartier Heidestrasse in Berlin, a pioneering space for communication, collaboration and creativity was created for Europe’s largest software company.

StudioBauer was commissioned by the client in April 2019 with the aim of demonstrating general strategies for merging digital media and structural interior design. The result was a multi-layered spatial Concept of LED Media Devices, custom made light pixel applications and Media Art content. On the one hand, a large number of high-resolution screens were designed into the interior architecture of the semi-public areas. Followed by a Media Art production, we provided a forward-looking digital aesthetic that runs through the entire building as a defining interior design. Another result of this explorative study was the Brickwall – a hybrid wall object made of concrete and digital-media lighting. The Brickwall takes impulses from the high-resolution media screens and transforms them into a low pixel light pattern. The design principles of the media art are thus taken further through the space and permeate it with an additional digital light element.

During implementation, the design was refined in dialogue with Scope’s interior designers and technically developed and structurally implemented by Intermediate Engineering. StudioBauer was responsible for the design, from brainstorming to artistic direction, so that a special kind of spatial object was realized. StudioBauer’s design was rounded off by the production of the artistic lighting, which sets the digital analogue wall object in scene for different occasion.

Team Studiobauer
concept, visuals, artistic direction: Thorsten Bauer
data-sciences & programming: Tobias Wursthorn
art director: Svante Voelkner
Videographer: Bela Thorwart

Technical planner:

Credits Brand Art
Idea / LED spatial concept / Content: StudioBauer
Technical planner: Intermediate Engineering
Architect: Scope Architects

Credits Brickwall
Idea / concept / artistic direction: StudioBauer
Functional and structural responsibility: Intermediate Engineering
Interior design: Scope Architekten
Development & prototyping: Intermediate Engineering / Oliversum / StudioBauer
Mould development: Oliversum Integration: Oliversum / Intermediate Engineering
LED technology: Schnick Schnack Systems
Concrete casting: Harr Betondesign
Display concept & content production: StudioBauer