My name Thorsten Bauer. I am an award winning creative director, media-artist, entrepreneur, and curator, working in the field of spatial media installations since 2001. This website provides an overview of my freelance work and a general CV.

For further information regarding my projects, company, or any other activity,  please follow the links below

  • I am founder of STUDIOBAUER, mediatecture & lightart (website is under construction)
  • I am founder of the artist collective URBANSCREEN and Co-Founder of the URBANSCREEN GmbH Co Kg
  • I am the curator for the Elbphilharmonie Mediawall, responsible for the programmatic development and curation / production of artistic content
  • I am initiator of the ELMAN Project, an international research and student collaboration for Media Facades
  • I am the co-founder of PanHaus GmbH, timber construction company for Tiny Houses and Mobile Homes